Artist : Alix Vesper
EP : AV1
Out : May 09, 2014
Distribution :  iTunes, Beatport, …

Alix Vesper one day declared himself to have enough humour and hours of nightclubbing to make people dance on his own retro-futuristic explorations. 

AV1, his debut EP, builds a bridge between electro pop and club culture. Alix challenges the codes and references between old-house, 90’s dance and new-wave and offers unapologetic dance music that takes the shape of hymns to nocturnal hedonism, to urban encounters and to the maze of inspiration, all while embracing humor and a sense of second degree.


All tracks written and performed by Alix Vesper
All tracks produced and mixed by Sylvain Ehinger (Xewin) and Alix Vesper @ Pixelsound(CH)

Additional production and remix by Garance (track 6), Christian Stark (track 7), Bauchamp (track 8) and Se-Te-Ve (track 9).
Guest trumpet on track 10 : Jay Rico

Mastered by Sylvain Ehinger @ Pixelsound(CH)
Visuals by 28g


Occasionnellement, les deux producteurs romands fusionnent leurs productions respectives sur scène. Cela donne un Live act énergique et dansant où l’on retrouve l’électro mélodique de Xewin dopée par la techno de Southsoniks.

A découvrir en live le samedi 15 mars à l’usine à Gaz de Nyon.

EP : XEWIN Rebel Princess

Artist : Xewin feat. Yarah Bravo
EP : Rebel Princess
Out : October 25, 2013
Distribution : iTunes, Beatport, …

« …We took off before night fell, conscious that the chants and hypnotic rhythms of the rebel princess would be with us forever… »
Extract of the log book, Day 247 – The Rebel Princess

The EP Rebel Princess contains three unreleased tracks previously recorded and played during the tour of the album Returning. The tracks Rebel Princess and Under My Skin has been made in collaboration with Yarah Bravo (UK).

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Sylvain Ehinger @ Pixelsound(CH)
Visuals by 28g

Album : XEWIN Returning

Artist : Xewin
Album : Returning
Out : November 4, 2011
Distribution : iTunes, Beatport, …

Returning is sprinkled with intergalactic hits and featurings of Yarah Bravo (UK,DE), Lyn m. (Aloan), Fauve and Bobby Johnson. Returning is also a interstellar logbook telling the adventure of Xewin and his second in command deep inside a retro-futuristic universe imagined by the graphic designer Nicolas Perrin.

Buy on itunes, Beatport

Single : XEWIN Flying Cars

Artist : Xewin feat. Yarah Bravo & Bobby Johnson
Single : Flying Cars
Out : September 30, 2011
Distribution :iTunes, …

Flying Cars is the first single from the upcoming album Returning (November 4, 2011). It includes the ardor of Yarah Bravo (UK) and the charisma of Bobby Johnson (CH), all orchestrated by Xewin.
Include remix by :
Reverse Engineering (CH), Boodaman (CH), Grave Beaumont (FR), Plutot4 (FR), Ausgehd8 (CH)…

Album : COBALT Try Me Out

Artist : Cobalt
Album : Try Me Out
Out : October 29, 2010
Distribution :iTunes, …

After their first 2 albums received excellent reviews by the critics and were acclaimed by the public, COBALT is back with « Try Me Out », an impetuous electronic pop record.
This second LP reveals a more direct and more sensuous side of the band, that transpires through an alternately undulant, feverish and stinging electronic pop music. Although dark atmospheres hang over the tunes with their elegiac choruses, the music clearly suggests that it is time for sensuous pleasures and liberation…

Album : COBALT Domestic

domestic_coverCobalt releases its first album « Domestic » on the 28th February 2008.
This first CD is a blossom of electronic sounds, dense, dark, rhythmic, but always subtle and ethereal, thanks to the emotion of a unique voice and to the lyricism of a violin.
The album also contains a special goodie : the music video of the track “where are you” which mirrors perfectly Cobalt’s aesthetic and full of mystery universe.